Eliminate the Most Common Leak


Toilet leaks are the most common household leaks and the number one cause of high water bills. Every homeowner should know how to determine what the problem is. The leak may be caused by a failing flapper, plunger ball, float ball or fill valve. Listen closely for hissing or trickling sounds,or a periodic "whoosh" caused by the toilet topping itself off every few minutes.These are all tell-tale signs that a leak exists.



TYPICAL TOILET TANKS: Here are some toilet tanks with different ballcock and plunger ball arrangements. Shut off the water, empty the tank and take damaged parts to the hardware store for a perfect match and instruction on how to replace.




The first step is to drop a dye tablet or several drops of ordinary food coloring into the toilet tank. Wait about fifteen minutes. If color shows up in the toilet bowl, you have a leak. The second step is to turn off the toilet‘s water supply (usually it has a diamond shaped handle, near the wall at the base of the toilet) and mark the water level inside the tank. Wait 15 minutes and then check the water level. If it has dropped below your mark, the problem is at the bottom of the toilet tank at the flapper or plunger ball. 


However if the water level has stayed the same, then the problem is an overflow near the top of the tank, involving the float ball or the fill valve - or both. 


All of these items are easy and inexpensive to replace. Look for products labeled chloramine resistant at your local hardware store. 


If you are not “handy” by all means hire a handyman or plumber to help. If you do find and fix a leak in your plumbing or irrigation system, you may qualify for a leak adjustment. Visit our website under Forms. Thanks for all you do to find and fix your leaks.