Customer Service

For more information about your account contact our Customer Service Specialists at (843) 884-9626 or email us  Our business hours are 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.  We are closed on Holidays.
General Information

Hours of Operation
Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Emergency Calls
Emergency calls are taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call our customer service number at (843) 884-9626 to report a problem.

Account Information
You can get information on your account 24 hours a day through our online account management system.

Office location
Our Operations Center at 1619 Rifle Range Road has a drive thru teller and a drop box for after hours payment drop off.  (Drop box payments will not be posted until the following business day.)

Payment options
-Pay Online, click here to pay online and view past bills and compare your consumption history.
-Auto Draft, Sign up for Easy Pay and have your account or credit/debit card charged each month
-By Phone, call (843) 884-9626 during business hours
-In Person, visit our Operations Center during business hours or drop off in the drop box, 1619 Rifle Range Road Mount Pleasant
-Mail, Mail Payments to Mount Pleasant Waterworks, PO Box 602832 Charlotte, NC  28260-2832 (why Charlotte?  mailing to this payment processing center keeps rates low and saves you money)

Establishing/Disconnecting Service
Opening or Closing an Account
There are two ways to open or close an account at an existing home or business:
Call us: (843) 884-9626
Visit our Operations Center 1619 Rifle Range Road Mount Pleasant

Please allow at least one business day's notice to activate residential service.

New water accounts and wastewater accounts are each charged a new account fee. The water new account fee is $30.  The new account fee for a wastewater account is $30.  These fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable and will appear on your first bill.

You will need the following information to open an account:

For Residential Accounts:
Your name and social security number
Date you would like water service to begin
Address of the property to receive service
Mailing address (if different)
Daytime and evening phone number
Email Address
In some cases, we may require additional information, such as a copy of a lease agreement, photo ID, etc.

All Commercial service requests have to complete the Commercial Letter of Intent and be approved for service by Engineering.  For more infomration Click Here.

For Commercial Accounts:
Company name
Name of the commercial co-signer and his/her social security number (required for some accounts)
Date you would like water service to begin
Address of the property to receive service
Mailing address
Email Address
Daytime and evening phone number


Mount Pleasant Waterworks has the right pursuant to the South Carolina Setoff Debt Collection Act to collect any sum due and owed by the applicant through offset of the applicant’s state income tax refund. If Mount Pleasant Waterworks chooses to pursue debts owed by the applicant through the Setoff Debt

Collection Act, the applicant agrees to pay all fees and costs incurred through the setoff process, including fees charged by the Department of Revenue, the Municipal Association of South Carolina, and Mount Pleasant Waterworks . If Mount Pleasant Waterworks chooses to pursue debts in a manner other than setoff, the applicant agrees to pay the costs and fees associated with the selected manner as well.


Important information about turning on your water service

Open Fixtures

When water service is off at a home or business, fixtures can be turned on and unknowingly left in the on position. If this happens, water will begin flowing when we turn on your service, posing a potential risk of flooding. For this reason, we strongly recommend that someone is present when we turn on your water.

If no one is present and our technician suspects an open fixture based on movement of the water meter's flow indicator, the technician will leave your water service off and we will reschedule your service activation. (If we revisit after normal business hours at your request you will be charged $55.00 for an after hours service call.)
Temporary Water Service for Property Managers

Mount Pleasant Waterworks offers property managers the option to maintain service in between tenants through the Auto Revert to Landlord program or a temporary 14 day service request for only the basic facility charge and volumetric water and wastewater charges are billed.