Guide Lines

The purpose of this policy is to provide for the orderly development of water and wastewater systems to meet the growing needs of residents and businesses in the Mount Pleasant area.

These guidelines were developed with the intent of making them flexible enough to accommodate the individuality of each project while maintaining high standards and an orderly procedure. Each project will be handled professionally to ensure that quality system design and construction are guaranteed.

These high standards and the professional process are imperative to ensure that the water and wastewater systems installed under this policy will provide years of low cost maintenance to the Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) and uninterrupted service to the customers of MPW and developers of the area.
These extension policies are intended only as guidelines for builders and developers. They are not necessarily applicable to every situation which might arise. If a situation arises for which this manual does not provide specific guidance for decision making, the General Manager will interpret these policies and apply them accordingly.

This extension policy will be updated periodically. As a result, contact should be made with MPW officials administering this program on a continuing basis to ensure that the most current policy standards are obtained prior to proceeding with planning and designing a project or water and wastewater system extension. MPW reserves the right to make changes to its policy at anytime. Changes shall be announced at regular MPW Commission meetings, and public comment will be received before final approval of the change(s) by MPW.

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FY2012 Guidelines

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