Neighbors Helping Neighbors

East Cooper Community Outreach

ECCO’s program of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" provides a way to help those in need in the East Cooper area. MPW customers have the opportunity to do this by voluntarily contributing a fixed amount to East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO) when they pay their water / wastewater bill.

ECCO uses 90% of all funds received for payment of utility bills for eligible participants. The remaining 10% is used as an administrative fee to handle and disburse the funds. Applicants for the ECCO funds are screened by the organization and the gift is based on need.

ECCO will provide a quarterly statement of disbursements to the Commission. (Upon request, the Commission will provide customers with a statement of funds contributed on an annual basis.)

Friends of ECCO Authorization Form
Yes, I'd like to be a "Friend of ECCO" and donate the amount shown below with my monthly water and wastewater payment. I understand that the Commission will apply this donation to an ECCO fund beginning with the next bill. If I volunteer to contribute monthly, I understand this amount will be added to the total of my Mount Pleasant Waterworks bill each month.

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