Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Mount Pleasant Waterworks respects the privacy of every individual who visits the Mount Pleasant Waterworks' web site. Accordingly, this privacy statement has been developed to inform you about Mount Pleasant Waterworks' information collection, usage and disclosure practices. This policy applies only to the various pages of the official Mount Pleasant Waterworks web site ( When you follow a link to another web site, even the site of another governmental agency, you are subject to the privacy policy of that site. You should check the privacy policies of each of these sites if you have questions about how they handle personally identifiable information.

2. Anonymous vs. Personally Identifiable Information

Anonymous Information refers to information that cannot be tied back to a specific individual. Personally Identifiable Information refers to information that tells Mount Pleasant Waterworks who you are, such as your name, phone number, mailing address or e-mail address.

3. General Principles

Mount Pleasant Waterworks will not collect, use or disclose to a third party your Personally Identifiable Information without your consent, except where (a) such information could contribute to a legal investigation, or (b) such information could aid in an emergency where people's lives and safety may be at stake. There may be circumstances where Mount Pleasant Waterworks infers that you have given the necessary consent, but in those circumstances Mount Pleasant Waterworks will only collect, use and disclose your Personally Identifiable Information for the purposes for which such information was provided. For example, where you give Mount Pleasant Waterworks your Personally Identifiable Information so an account may be opened in your name, Mount Pleasant Waterworks will infer that you have consented to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personally Identifiable Information for the purpose of opening your account, but not for any other purposes or uses. Part of your use of this web site will include the opportunity to electronically submit Personally Identifiable Information to Mount Pleasant Waterworks. Although these opportunities are provided for you as part of Mount Pleasant Waterworks' efforts to serve you better, you are never obliged to give away your Personally Identifiable Information. If you do decide to provide Personally Identifiable Information, it will be encrypted using 128 bit technology so that it will arrive unread and unaltered at Mount Pleasant Waterworks' servers. Upon receipt of your Personally Identifiable Information, Mount Pleasant Waterworks will take steps to ensure that it is appropriately safeguarded with password protection. However, no web site can protect itself against all eventualities. Mount Pleasant Waterworks will not be held liable and hereby disclaims any liability for any injury caused by the disclosure of your information, whether by security breach, accident, inadvertence, or any other act resulting in disclosure.

4. Automatic Data Collection

When you access the Mount Pleasant Waterworks web site, the site software automatically collects the internet protocol (IP) address of the computer through which you are connected to the Internet. This web site also automatically collects information about your Internet browser, operating system, the date and time of your visit, and the path which you followed immediately before accessing this site. All the information that is automatically submitted to Mount Pleasant Waterworks is considered Anonymous Information.

5. Children

No applications on this web site specifically solicit information from minors or seek to determine whether the visitor is a minor. Consequently, visitors should be aware that the collection of personal information requested from or volunteered by children online or by e-mail will be treated in the same manner as information given by an adult. Among other things, this means that it may become a public record and therefore may be subject to public access. We ask that parents guide their children when children are asked to provide personal information online. We ask that children get their parents' permission before providing any information to us.

6. Cookies

When you access the Mount Pleasant Waterworks website, a cookie is automatically installed on your harddrive. A cookie is a small text file that contains a unique identification number, which can be used to identify your browser, but not you. Cookies form an essential part of the Internet today by allowing servers to recognize users' browsers when the users return to previously visited websites. Since cookies are only text files, they cannot "run" on your computer and have no ability to search your computer for information or to transmit information to anyone. Although cookies may help enrich your Internet experience, you are free to prevent the installation of cookies on your harddrive, including the Mount Pleasant Waterworks cookie, by simply disabling the feature in your browser's options.

7. E-Mail Communications

Mount Pleasant Waterworks adheres to a no "spam" policy. Therefore, you will not receive regular, unsolicited e-mail communications from Mount Pleasant Waterworks unless you have explicitly agreed otherwise. In addition, you may easily change your decision to regularly receive e-mail communications from Mount Pleasant Waterworks. To be removed from Mount Pleasant Waterworks' e-mailing list, simply follow the "unsubscribe" option found at the bottom of any regular Mount Pleasant Waterworks' e-mail communication. Please note that in circumstances where you have voluntarily provided Mount Pleasant Waterworks with your e-mail address, Mount Pleasant Waterworks reserves the right to send you a one-time e-mail communication, regardless of your e-mail contact status. In addition, Mount Pleasant Waterworks reserves the right to contact you if compelled to do so as part of a legal proceeding or if there has been a violation of Mount Pleasant Waterworks' Terms of Use.

8. Your Rights

You have the right to know precisely what Personally Identifiable Information Mount Pleasant Waterworks has collected about you, as well as the use and disclosure of such information. In addition, you have the right to ensure that your Personally Identifiable Information is accurate, and where any errors may exist, to have such information corrected immediately. To make a request to review your Personally Identifiable Information, please contact Mount Pleasant Waterworks thru the Contact Use feature of this site.

9. Effective Date

The effective date of this privacy policy is 16 January 2005. Mount Pleasant Waterworks reserves the right to update this policy from time to time, and it is your responsibility to check for any such updates.

10. Public Records

Mount Pleasant Waterworks is governed by the South Carolina public records laws. This means that the information we receive online might be disclosed to any person making a public records request. Certain types of information (such as electronic payment information) are exempt from disclosure as public records. If you have questions about the South Carolina public records laws, refer to S.C. Code Ann. §30-1-10 et. seq. For purposes of determining whether information is a public record, information sent to us through this web site is treated the same as information sent to us by mail or delivered to us in person.