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Tours and Presentations

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Would you like to learn more about where your water comes from and what happens when it goes down the drain?  Contact Us.
Interested in learning about how water rates are set and the extensive capital improvements made by Mount Pleasant Waterworks for the benefit of the community? Contact Us.

Schedule a speaker to visit your school or community group and get the answers to all your questions about water and Mount Pleasant Waterworks operations and policies.
We can tailor our talk to your group's interests. You might be surprised at how interesting water can be!

To schedule a speaker, send us an e-mail ( or call (843)-884-9626.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks stands ready to support any environmental curriculum with classroom presentations, water and wastewater tours and supplemental information upon request. Hands on education is the best compliment to classroom instruction. Don't miss an opportunity to show students where their water comes from, to their tap and then back to nature. After all, "seeing is believing!!" Schedule your tour today!!

For information on how to obtain any available resources or to schedule a group for a facility tour, contact MPW's Communications Coordinator Dionna Ebeling, or send her an .