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Rates Increase Reliability

June 10, 2016

Mount Pleasant Waterworks’ (MPW) Commissioners are currently considering the Fiscal Year 2017 Budgets, Rates, Charges, and Fees.  Included is a volumetric rate increase that equates to $3.15 to the typical customer utilizing 5,000 gallons of water.  With this change, MPW maintains the second lowest rates in the Tri-County area and the lowest rates in Charleston County, but more importantly increases our systems reliability.  

The rate change is necessary to continue to reinvest in our water and wastewater infrastructure.   The residents, schools, and business in Mount Pleasant rely on the water and wastewater services provided by MPW. 

Our infrastructure includes our water and wastewater treatment systems, our computer systems, our operations center, and our employees.  All of our infrastructure is aging and requires renewal to maintain our high level of service.  We must meet high public health standards for our drinking water and water quality standards for our pollution control facilities. We must deploy new technology to be efficient and we must have trained certified professionals to run the systems.  This must be done to sustain a reliable system for our customers.

For our new and future customers we charge developers the highest impact fees in the area in order to keep our existing customers rates the lowest in Charleston County.  This is our “growth pays for growth” philosophy. 

Recent headlines surrounding Michigan have shown us the impact poor financial planning and management can have on a community’s water system.   Financial stability is key to providing reliable water and wastewater service.  We must be ready to weather any storm that comes our way.  Failure to do so could wreak havoc on our community today and in the future. MPW’s rate increase ensures financial stability to support a reliable water and wastewater system which provides clean safe water and protects our water environment.

Yes, rate increases are tough decisions for our elected officials and are unpopular with some customers.  Our Commissioners are sometimes criticized by uninformed customers who insinuate that MPW arbitrarily increases rates.  The Commissioners elected by the residents of Mount Pleasant take their positions very seriously and understand the importance the financial decisions they make have on our community both today and in the future.  Failing to provide financial security and stability would mean the Commissioners are taking risk with our customers’ drinking water and that is NOT something the Commissioners at Mount Pleasant Waterworks are willing to do.  Their decisions have proven to support reliable and sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure that currently provides clean safe drinking water and protects our environment and will continue to do so in the future. 






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