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Water Meter Installation

Meter Installation Request Changes Beginning

March 19, 2018

Mount Pleasant Waterworks has made changes to the meter installation request process.  Please review the brochure and prepare for these changes.  If you have any questions, please contact Michael at 843.884.9626.

Meter Installation Brochure


In order to minimize the potential for damage to water services, the following conditions must be achieved prior to a request for placement of a Mount Pleasant Waterworks' (MPW) water meter:

  • This form only applies to customers requesting a domestic water meter once all fees and charges have been paid in full. 

  • Please do not request an irrigation meter.  Irrigation requests are processed by staff once all fees and charges are paid in full.

  • Lot (near where your water meter will be installed) must be cleared and leveled to a reasonable finished grade. In order to prevent damage to the meter box, MPW prefers that the entire lot is cleared to the extent it will be for construction prior to the water meter being installed.
  • Future utility locations (power box, phone, cable, etc.) must be clearly marked prior to installation of the water meter.
  • The builder must confirm the location of any future sidewalks, driveways, or landscaping prior to the water meter installation. This will allow the meter to be installed without conflicting with such areas.
  • A blue flag or stake must be placed where the water meter is to be located (within 3' to 5' of the stub out.)
  • The proposed water meter location must be clearly marked with the street address and lot number.

Water meters WILL NOT be installed at locations with damaged or missing boxes or lids. It will be the account holder's responsibility to prevent any damage to the services during construction. Any cost to repair, replace, or relocate the services once installed will be charged to the account holder.

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