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Your Swimming Pool


Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) offers courtesy assistance in the event a customer fills their pool and is allowed an adjustment of wastewater charges. 


All wastewater charges on water used to fill a swimming pool, provided that the drained water was not discharged to the wastewater system. To qualify for this annual adjustment, the customer must submit written notification of the date that the pool was filled and provide the gallons used or the pool dimensions. Should it become necessary for a customer to drain and refill a pool for maintenance purposes more than once a year, a written request must be submitted outlining the circumstances. A consideration for the additional adjustment will then be made. 

Customers must submit a Pool Fill Adjustment Request Form, on the Forms Page under Existing Customers. 

To ensure that your request form is processed in a timely manner, please carefully review the following Pool Fill Adjustment information: 

• You must provide the Pool Fill Adjustment Request Form

• Completed forms may be returned to the MPW office, emailed to accountmanagement@mpwonline.com or fax to 843-884-4858. 

• MPW reviews and processes the adjustment request in 10 business days.

• Once the request has been approved/denied information will be recorded on your account. If warranted the adjustment will be applied. 

• You will be notified via email or phone call of the status including adjusted amount and the new balance due if applicable. 

• Your Mount Pleasant Waterworks account must be paid in full and kept current until the pool fill adjustment is reviewed and processed. 


If you drain your pool into the wastewater system you are responsible for contacting Mount Pleasant Waterworks prior to draining. An unplanned increase in volume such as a pool drained into the wastewater system can have a negative impact on the wastewater collection system and can cause problems. Please call us at 843-884-9626. Failure to notify Mount Pleasant Waterworks prior to draining the pool into the wastewater system may result in penalties in accordance with the Town Ordinance. 



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